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Charalambides Christis

Charalambides Christis is the largest and longest-running dairy company in Cyprus. It remains a leader in the food production and distribution sector, timelessly providing, and always in accordance with international standards of quality and know-how, products of high nutritional value and quality, while preserving the authenticity of flavours.

Charalambides Christis is also Cyprus' largest exporter of dairy and cheese products, with the main export product being the traditional Cyprus Halloumi. 

Enriched Products

Explore a variety of fun and traditional dishes that can easily be made at home for everyone!

Organic Products

Our products follow the exact same strict rules of quality and taste satisfaction!

Plant-based Products

In these pages you will find all our activities, from our corporate, export and social activity!

Innovations by Chalalambides Christis


By having close contact with our consumers, we consistently create new, innovative products that meet their growing needs.

Home Recipes

Explore a variety of traditional dishes that can be easily made at home for everyone!

Nutrition and Childhood

Nutrition and Childhood

Adults and Nutrition

Adults and Nutrition

Daily Consumption

Daily Consumption

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